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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Fitted For The KAFO Brace...

Yesterday we went down to get Ben fitted for his new KAFO Brace that we will use on his left leg. I was so nervous! I was completely prepared for him to be difficult; because I knew that he would have to hold still... But to my amazement, HE DID AWESOME!!

So earlier this week I put a call in to our Orthotist so that we could get Ben in for his fitting. I was told that there wasn't an opening until February! Well I knew that we couldn't wait that long... So I begged pleaded and bribed! Thank goodness for wonderful people who understand the process! We were able to get him in the very next day. So Ben and I went and picked up lunch to thank the staff for squeezing us in.

Ben was not too happy about being there. "Hold you Momma"..... for about 20 minutes. John Morris, the Orthotist, asked if he could take a few pictures. He said that he had only seen "true Blount's" a few times. I have to admit, a part of me hurt; but I of course let him take pictures of Ben's legs; you never know, maybe it will end up helping someone else. We tried putting Ben up on the table a few times and he wasn't having it! So we bribed him with a bread stick from the lunch we had brought, and that did it... he was content, and John got to work...

Wrapping Ben's leg with fiberglass...
Because the KAFO Brace will go from the tip of Ben's toes all the way up to his hip.... they had to wrap his entire leg. It will take almost 3 weeks for the brace to get in. And we got to pick from a variety of patterns; we picked "Ocean".
The Entire Cast of Ben's Leg...
The whole process took about 45 minutes. I'm so lucky that Ben did well, who knows how long it would have taken otherwise. When it was time to leave Ben cried because he wanted to stay; and when we finally got to the car, I started to cry. I was so prepared for it to be a huge struggle, I had all of my strength set aside and had focused on the expectation that we would have to hold Ben down and force him to be still... I guess since I didn't have to "be tough"... It all just came out. My kids amaze me everyday. Watching Ben do so well; and still be a happy content little boy is overwhelming; and I am so grateful.

Best in The Business!!


  1. I knew he would do Well. Sweet Little Ben!!!!

  2. Ben has been one cooperative patient :-) It's cause he knows Mommy is trying to make him better. You're a great mom, Kira and don't ever forget it.