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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's On!! Bounce for Blounts Information!!

Bounce for Blounts Information

I'm so excited about this event! I hope to see everyone there!
I have had SO much support from our community;
without that support, this would have been nearly impossible!

Here is a map, just in case you need it!

I want to mention a few people who have made this event possible...

Thank you Ed, from Buds Signs for donating the banners we will use at B4B...

& also to Roger from Partyland for donating a tent for us to set up our information booth...

& also to Mesa Developmental Services for designing & printing flyer's!

A BIG "shout out" to JumpTime Colorado
Whaz up Dawg

You guys were the first on board; and I can't wait to see you at the event!!

If you have any questions about Bounce for Blounts or Ben Has Blounts, please email me at BenHasBlounts@gmail.com

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BHB Local News Coverage...

Recently, BHB has had a lot of local press; which is super exciting!

I wanted to share with you, the recent article in the Daily Sentinel

And thanks to that article, I was approached by a local news station for an interview.

Unfortunately; the news station is having some technical difficulties, so the story is not longer available online. However, I took a recording off of my television to share with everyone!

Special thanks to Matt Vanderveer, from KKCO 11 News in
Grand Junction, CO
& to
Richie Ashcraft from The Daily Sentinel in
Grand Junction, CO

& last, but not least...

A HUGE thank you to Lindsay Ellis from
She has been a great support & resource for BHB

Help Me, Help You...

What if... Every time a child was diagnosed with Blounts Disease,
Their parents had a place to go...
That had all of the information on the best care available
in the area where that family lived?

It is possible!

I need your help. I would like to start a database of doctors, physical therapists, orthotists...
And I would like to start with you.

Where is your child being treated?

Who is your child's Doctor?

What type of treatment is your child getting?
( surgical, non-surgical, bracing, PT, etc. )

What kind of brace does your child have?

Who provided that brace?

Are you satisfied with the care you are getting?

Do you need help finding a different provider?

We can all help each other get the best treatment for our kids. Please email me, and tell your story about Blounts Disease. I truly will do everything I can to help you find the answers to any questions you might have... and in turn, I can gain more knowledge, to help more families.

Even if you live outside of the U.S. !!!

I want to hear from you!

Please email me @ BenHasBlounts@gmail.com

Together, we can make a difference; one family at a time!