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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ben's Fourth Appointment With Dr. Deering...

Ben, Waiting to Get Xrays
Well. we had another visit with Ben's Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Deering, this past week. On this visit we had Ben's legs X-rayed, so that we could see whether the disease in his knees was causing his bones to worsen; or if the KAFO's were able to start correcting.

The last time we took X-rays; it seems as though the "beaking" on Ben's left Tibia was on the verge of fracturing. If the bone had started to fracture this time, it  would put Ben at a Langenskiold Stage of 4.

Langenskiold Staging
 Ben was not to thrilled about getting more X-rays.... He screamed and cried and had to be held down by myself and another technician. Luckily, his legs relaxed for all of two seconds; and we were able to get a good picture.

When it was time to see Dr. Deering, she seemed very pleased with the way that Ben looks now. Almost surprised at the progress he has made. Dr. Deering let Ben play on her iPad; while she looked at his legs; twisting and turning them to see the severity of the disease. She told me that not only are Ben's knees very affected with Blounts Disease, but because of how much disease in in the left knee, it is also affecting his left hip. While Ben was laying on his tummy, Dr. Deering showed me exactly what the problem was by holding Ben's left foot and ankle, and then slowly "cranking" his leg to the outside of his body. I was a little taken back at how far she was able to go; and by the fact that it didn't seem to bother Ben at all! As I have said before; my concerns as of lately have been more focused as to the rotation of Ben's legs. Really, all we can do is try and use the Thera Tog more; and keep moving forward.

Dr. Deering and I also discussed Ben's ankles. I have also been concerned that they seem to be "caving" inwards. She explained to me that most children his age are "flat footed"... but that Ben is a little more than that. Because of everything else he has going on with his left leg, she wrote me a prescription for his right foot. Something called an "Arch Angel"... I will update with more information after I do some more research. Basically, it is an orthopaedic insert for the shoe.

On to The X-Rays...

I feel SO good about these new x-rays! Ben's knees look amazing, in my opinion! Dr. Deering was also very excited and enthusiastic while we were looking at them. The tip of the tibia is still beaking; but not as much as it was in January. Also, it doesn't look even close to fracturing now. Which is AMAZING! On a Langenskiold Stage, Ben would be in between a 2 & a 3... closer to a 2.

June 2011

January 2011
Ben is going to continue the use of the KAFO and the Thera Tog until we go back to see Dr. Deering, in four months, in October. In October, it will be one year since Ben got the diagnoses of Blounts Disease. We have a PT appointment with Lisa coming up also, so I will update again soon!

Thank you all again, for your continued support! I hope to hear from more parents soon! If you have any questions, or would like to share your story with me... Please email me at ...


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  1. I am happy for you guys that you received such good news! The blog looks great. Hope all is well on your end!