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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doing More...

At the beginning when your child gets diagnosed with Blounts Disease; there is sometimes a long wait in between appointments and fittings. I know how frustrating it can be to want to help your child as soon as possible. There are a few things you can do from the very beginning; that will help your child start the healing process.

"W" Sitting...

Probably one of the most important things you can do!! Don't let your child sit in a "w" position!!
I noticed with Ben; that even if he "sits right" all day long... he ALWAYS "w" sits in the bath.
Here is a video I took of Ben "w" sitting while he was playing...

Of course, while your child is wearing a KAFO brace, they are only able to "sit right". "W" sitting can undo an entire days worth of bracing. All children, not only those have have Blounts, should never "w" sit; it is extremely hard on the joints.

Physical Therapy...

I am a big time believer in the benefits of PT! In my opinion, it is an essential part of the treatment for Blounts Disease. Often times, the wait to get an appointment with a specialist can be anywhere from a few weeks, to a few months. Going to PT in the meantime may give you some peace of mind; as well as help your child. You can go to any PT you like. My advice though, would be to call your specialist's office and see which PT they use. That way, it is easier for the specialist and PT to communicate. If they don't use a PT; my advice would be to find a PT that is familiar in pediatric physical therapy.

Finding Support...

A good support system is key when dealing with any obstacle, especially a rare disease. When we first found out that Ben had Blounts Disease last fall, I was unable to find any type of support group in our community. I was also unable to find a forum or discussion group online for Blounts Disease. I really just wanted to talk to one other family who could understand how we were feeling. That is why I started this blog! Now, there is a group on Facebook called the "Ben Has Blounts Network". It is a great resource where families can get together, ask questions, give advice, and discuss concerns. Families, and people JUST LIKE YOU; who are trying to understand Blounts Disease, and get the best treatment for their child.

Remember... Take care of yourself! You are the most important advocate your child has. If you are unhappy with the treatment you are getting. Or, if you don't think the brace your child is using is working... Get another opinion! Do what ever you have too, to ensure that your child is getting the best care possible. Stay positive; and follow your instincts.

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