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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BHB Families...

Even though I am not great at keeping up with new blog posts, BHB is still in full swing! Most of the interaction I have with parents, now comes from the members in the Ben Has Blounts Network on Facebook. Nearly every week, we are adding new members and hearing about different experiences with this disease. It is so rewarding to see these posts; and know that we are all able to help one another. I encourage anyone who is affected by Blounts Disease to join our group!

One of our group members, Angela, has recently started her own blog in hopes of reaching out to more families and keeping her own family up to date on her daughter's progress. I'd like to share the links with you here. I am also posting the links to her GoFundMe page. As most of you know, treatment for childhood disease is quite expensive! I promise to blog with a Ben update soon!

Angela has also started a Facebook Page! Check it out here.

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